Youth In Government

April 9-12, 2021

The Colorado YMCA’s Youth in Government Program gives students first-hand knowledge of how government works.

Every year, students learn about the state’s democratic system and how laws and government shape people’s lives. They explore all major aspects of state government, filling roles as politicians, lobbyists, attorneys and journalists.

Youth in Government is a three-month leadership program that lets you get involved and get ahead with: 

  • Real-life experience as a legislator, lobbyist, judge or journalist
  • Improve skills in public speaking, writing, law, and debate
  • Demonstrate initiative and leadership that the future will require -- and colleges will look for!

This program is ideal for students who are interested in:

  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Government
  • Any field that requires critical thinking and presentation skills including sales, marketing, engineering, technology and more 
How it works: 

This year, General Assembly is April 9-12. You will attend a pre-legislative session to learn about the program and about parliamentary procedure. Then, you pick which role you’d like to perform in the mock General Session.

Roles available: 

  • Pages (Recommended for middle school and some first-year participants): Be part of the legislative action. Submit and debate bills and transfer communications. Pages will be responsible for transporting printed documents throughout the Capitol and even across the street to our Downtown YMCA.
  • Lobbyists: Use communication and creativity to persuade legislators to pass or fail bills based on the interests of groups or companies you represent. Lobbyists will be assigned bills to support using printed material to communicate with legislators, they are able to speak in committee, however, not on the House or Senate floor.
  • Journalists: Get a front-row seat to the legislative debate and write, edit and post to the General Assembly's social media channels and website about the real issues being discussed.
  • Representatives and Senators: Use skills in parliamentary procedure and public speaking and create, debate and amend bills.
  • Supreme Court Justice & Attorneys: Participate in a moot court case and present oral arguments and decision papers. Apply Judicial Review to the bills submitted in the General Assembly.

Get involved! Financial assistance is available.

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Questions? Contact Us:

Kim Montoya, State Director YIG
720 524 2732